At last! Google Chrome’s going to block disruptive notifications


When you’re browsing it can feel like you’re being bombarded with things other people want you to see. Not only do we have to click on permissions for cookies and tracking, but now a lot of websites ask for our permission to send us notifications. And while many of these notifications are harmless – news […]

Ever wonder if your apps are spying on you? Now you can find out


It’s no secret that some applications are a little too interested in us and what we’re doing. We’ve all had this experience. You might be talking to a friend about a new product that you’d like to try. Or perhaps you’ve discussed somewhere you’d like to visit. Then the next time you go online you […]

IT Usage Policy for your Business


A computer and internet usage policy or IT Usage Policy can clarify expectations on how company equipment is to be used. With the internet, social media and other internet distractions, a loss of productivity in the office can harm your business thus costing you money. An IT Usage Policy can clearly and concisely inform your […]