Hybrid working: Hate it or rate it?


As a business owner or manager, what are your feelings about hybrid working (a mix of working remotely and in the office)? A lot of that will depend on how well it suits your business, and your own personal preferences about having people together in real life. But also, on the tools you use for […]

3 Easy Upgrades to Improve Your Video Call Setup


Early on in the first lockdowns in 2020, did you ever sit at your computer and think “I really like working from home”. Or were you the opposite; desperate to get back into a building and meet with other people like in the old days? Whichever was the case – and whether you feel the […]

Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Working From Home


Since the pandemic began two years ago there has been a spike of employees working from home, which has had it’s challenges. If you are working home and have small children to look after while trying to be productive, this can be an extremely difficult task. If you are at home alone with pet’s, it […]

VPN and how it can help your business


VPN or Virtual Private Networking has been around since the beginning of the public internet. Essentially, VPN is a tunnel to your private corporate network utilizing the public internet network. Think of it as a pipe, inside a pipe, the VPN is a highly secure tunnel. This technology is especially useful for workers who are […]

The Benefits of Using a VoIP for your Business


More and more businesses are converting to a modern telecommunications technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP allows the transmission of voice signals across IP-based network such as LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi. VoIP works by taking analog voice signals from a regular handset, converting them into digital bits, and transmitting the digitized information as packets […]

Managed Services for the Remote Workforce


For the past couple years, companies have increased work from home opportunities for their employees in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. When the first lockdowns occurred, Information Technology technicians and businesses were scrambling to provide platforms so remote workers could connect to their office from home. Businesses started exploring the latest collaboration platforms such […]