Employees Apps That Could Be A Security Risk


It’s likely a lot of the applications and software tools you’re using now are different from the ones your business used before the pandemic. That’s because we’ve all had to make big adjustments to the way we communicate and collaborate. To begin with, it may have been hit and miss. It’s possible in the first […]

Is The Way We Use Passwords Finally Changing?


Passwords are annoying for most people. If you look at the best practice password advice, it’s creating work for everyone: · Generate long random character passwords rather than using everyday words that can be guessed by cyber criminals’ automated software · Use a different password for every single application · Never write passwords down or […]

Video Surveillance & Security Cameras for your Business


These days, with increasing crime and mischief, security cameras for video surveillance are becoming a valuable tool to secure your business and your employees. Businesses are 4 times more likely to be burglarized than a home. Having security cameras positioned throughout a business will help to deter crimes and break-ins. If you sell merchandise in […]