Disaster Recovery - Backups and why they are important
Disaster Recovery – Backups and why they are important

Every day at a typical company, staff are using their systems and updating databases and documents. It’s important to have reliable backups in the event of a disaster, such as a malware attack, natural disasters, fires and the like. If disaster strikes, the ability to reconstitute your systems and data quickly becomes, crucial to business operations and continuity.

There are two types of backups, those that are on-site and those that are off-site. Back in the old days of IT, backups were done by tape. Weekly tapes were put offsite into bank safety deposit boxes or were stored at companies that specialized in storing records. These days, because of the readily availability of cheap hard drives, backups are done onsite using external hard drive enclosures or backed up offsite using the internet. On-site backups are vulnerable to the environment. Backing up off-site protects your data and allows recovery no matter what happens to your premises should disaster strike.

It’s important to have a disaster recovery plan so you can quickly reconstitute your systems either in your current premises or another. Talk to Myriad information Technology Solutions today to learn more.