Dust buildup is not good for any type of electronics, cleanliness is actually very necessary for your computers as a dirty computer can have an impact on your business.

In a computer case dust can cause fans to slow down or stop working which causes CPU’s, power supplies, and graphic cards to overheat and fail resulting in costly repairs and potential loss of valuable data. If a CPU overheats from fan failures, they are generally not covered by warranty. The best way to avoid this, is to ensure you have a scheduled Preventive Maintenance (PM) completed – especially on servers where a hardware failure will bring your business to a standstill. PM services involves opening the computer and spraying the dust out with compressed air. Best practice is to complete a PM at least every six months depending on the device, placement and other external factors. Frequent overheating will slow down your computer which can lead to loss of productivity and even shorten the lifespan of your device so you will need to spend extra money on either repairs or early replacement.

Myriad Information Technology Solutions is a full-service Managed Service Provider and will take care of all of your computer tech needs including scheduling regular preventative maintenance as required. Contact Myriad ITS today and ask to have a PM done on your systems to prevent downtime for your business.