Sitting behind a desk for hours day-in/day-out you are susceptible to neck, back, wrist, and or finger injury, aches and pains at some point. Office ergonomics have become a very important aspect of not only workplace wellness but also safety. Making minor adjustments such as correct chair height, equipment spacing, and posture not only go a long way in helping you stay comfortable but can protect you from repetitive strain injuries and increase productivity. Employers who take the extra step in encouraging their staff to adopt ergonomic safety practices will reap many rewards.

Did you know that when you feel comfortable, you can focus better on the task at hand which leads to higher productivity levels? Also, the better employees physically feel while at work leads to higher quality results, leading to greater client satisfaction. You will realize cost savings as ergonomics feed into staff retention, when your employees are healthy and happy they are less likely to move to another company and less likely to take time off for a workplace injury. Try some of the above easy tips to incorporate ergonomic workstation practices in your workplace.

Consult with your doctor or an IT provider such as Myriad Information Technology Solutions to get advice on specific ergonomic equipment that will benefit your workplace wellness, health and productivity.