How a CRM System Can Help Your Business

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a system which tracks your communications with your clients. It comes in many flavours such as Marketing, Sales, and Service Management. It can be used to mass email your clients about upcoming products and track any responses, create newsletters, and manage service calls. This kind of system ensures none of your customers fall through any cracks in your systems or procedures. It can track companies and individuals in each company, ensuring you can reach anyone via email, telephone and other channels of communication. These contacts can be synchronized to your mobile device as well.

These CRM systems are highly customizable and can provide workflow processes tailored to your business model, from generating a quote to producing invoices and tracking the approval of those items through the various staff in your organization. From getting a sales lead and turning that lead into a customer.

In previous years, Goldmine and Maximizer were the mainstay of CRM systems. With the advent of the web, all CRM systems are now web based. The leader in CRM systems is Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud based CRM that comes loaded with many features. Myriad Information Technology Solutions is a leading provider of CRM systems and has been heavily involved over the years in setting up such systems, migrating data from legacy systems, and supporting CRM solutions. Give us a call and we can help you choose the right CRM for your business.