How to ensure a successful data migration

Data migration is a complex process and requires careful planning. Involve all relevant staff to make sure they understand what is going on and what might change once completed.

  1. Use an experienced partner
    A successful data migration project can revolutionize your business operations. But, cutting corners and not utilizing an experienced partner can cost your business time and money.
  2. Get the data experts involved at the beginning
    A data migration project is not to be taken lightly. Planning including the scope of the project and budgeting will ensure the best possible management outcome and accuracy of the project.
  3. Get to know your data
    You must get your data right from the start. Having a clear understanding of the purpose of the data you will be ensuring that only relevant data is captured from the beginning but also make sure useless data is not transferred.
  4. Capture costs correctly
    Like all other business projects, you need to assess your ROI or return on investment.
  5. Planning is everything
    Planning is the most essential part of a data migration project and must be done correctly before the process of transferring data begins, this will reduce the cost of developers, save money, and enable you to decide the full scope of the project.
  6. Resources
    Get your resources right both internally and externally and make sure all relevant areas of the business are aware that their input may be needed, for example Finance, Marketing, and Senior Management.
  7. Plan for the future of your systems and data
    What you require from your systems now may change due to future requirements. Allowing the flexibility for different situations, such as daily batching to integration with message queues or real-time data capture for continuous transformation and update.
  8. Clean up your data and keep it that way
    Clean data reduces cost and time. A Data migration project is the perfect time to audit your existing data and then put procedures in place to keep it clean.
  9. Data migration as a reason for future change
    A data migration project is a perfect time to assess what your business really needs. With the new business rules and without the old workarounds, more than likely the new system will be different so training staff will allow them to utilize the new data correctly.
  10. Space requirements
    Make sure the scalability of the data migration will properly scale up during the lifetime of its usage.

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