For the past couple years, companies have increased work from home opportunities for their employees in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. When the first lockdowns occurred, Information Technology technicians and businesses were scrambling to provide platforms so remote workers could connect to their office from home. Businesses started exploring the latest collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and Zoom that have proven to be valuable tools allowing virtual meetings and video conferencing. Configuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is another important work from home tool that allows the remote worker to access emails and files or even their desktop at the office.

With many employees suddenly working from home, there are steps an organization can take to continue to remain productive without increasing cybersecurity risk. It is recommended that you review infrastructure for updates, as attackers are actively tailoring exploits to take advantage of remote workers. Myriad Information Technology Solutions offers technical support with Cybersecurity Harvard Certification. We have experience working with clients who have had to pivot to new working environments quickly and have developed excellent practices to help ensure the best protection. Did you know that Myriad ITS also offers an enterprise phone system full of modern features such as 3 digit extension dialing, call recording, reporting, and advanced business telecom applications like transcription, voice analytics with a contact center integrated tightly with Teams Mobile and Auto Attendants. This system offer’s 100’s of Phones to choose from – and the best thing is you have complete control of your phone system from any modern browser and/or phone app. Check out our Myriad Telecom site for more information on the most value priced and fully featured phone solution in Canada.

Although communication is still available via online means, it can be challenging to help your employees when you’re not in the same place. Any number of tech issues can arise onsite at the office and many users still experience the same issues when working from home, it is important to consider a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to assist with remote set-up, troubleshooting, cybersecurity and selection of the most convenient and cost-effective platforms for your organization. Contact Myriad Information Technology Solutions for a free network assessment to find the best solutions for your business.