As a business owner or manager, what are your feelings about hybrid working (a mix of working remotely and in the office)?

A lot of that will depend on how well it suits your business, and your own personal preferences about having people together in real life. But also, on the tools you use for collaboration and productivity. We’ve seen a lot of our clients embrace Teams and other Microsoft 365 products. They’ve completely changed the way they work in a very positive way.

The flexible working debate rages on around the world. Recently a director at Apple quit due to a disagreement over being forced to return to the office for 3 days a week. But here’s some interesting news. A study on home working was carried out by researchers after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas (this was before the pandemic). It looked at productivity before, during, and after a prolonged stretch of remote working. Not only did it find that company and employee resilience may be enhanced by remote work. But it also discovered there was no overall drop in the level of output.

If you’re not totally satisfied with your hybrid working right now, maybe we can help. Would you like us to review the technology you’re using to see if we can make life easier for you and your team? Contact Myriad ITS today!