Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your inbox, like it’s trying to ruin your productivity?

You’re not alone.

A recent study shows that despite all the apps and tools we have, 80% of our communication still happens through email. It’s a bit like using old methods in a modern world.

The study also found that employees waste a lot of time switching between different apps. Imagine trying to send an important report but getting lost in Slack, Teams, Google Docs, and other tools. It’s like a never-ending digital game that’s not fun.

Even video meetings, which seem helpful, aren’t as great as they seem. Only three in five meetings are actually useful, leaving the rest unproductive. And there’s the frustration of having to repeat things. About 74% of workers have to say the same things again, and almost a quarter of them deal with this regularly. It can make you want to scream!

The burning question is, what’s the solution to this digital chaos? It’s time to take a step back and reconsider your digital strategy. Instead of heaping on more apps and tools, envision partnering with a technology strategist – the Marie Kondo of the digital realm. Picture decluttering your digital workspace, sparking joy, and boosting productivity within your team.

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