Disaster can strike any business without warning such as natural disasters, hardware failure, power outages, software issues, user errors, data breaches or cyberattacks. In this day and technical age it is very important to evaluate your IT infrastructure and understand what data security measures should be implemented to facilitate damage control and quickly restore operations. Having the right tools and protocols for disaster recovery can help you get your data back quickly and painlessly avoiding loss of revenue, sales, and a diminished reputation for your business among clients and staff. You need to quickly recover your data with advanced data protection features to keep your businesses and your clients information safe.

Disaster planning includes 5 main areas that can be completed by an experienced full managed service provider such as Myriad Information Technology Solutions.

#1. Complete an inventory of your assets.

#2. Classify your data so it can be prioritized in the recovery stage.

#3. Complete a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

#4. Create, document, and present a Disaster Recovery Plan.

#5. Take action by implementing preemptive measures such as;

          • Preventative cloud solutions
          • Authentication Tools
          • Data & Backups
          • Ongoing software updates
          • Testing & Maintenance
          • Identify Roles & Responsibilities
          • Assign Emergency Contacts
          • Train your employees to recognize cyberattacks

The benefits of having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place is to save money, protect your customers, and save your business. With a disaster recovery strategy in place, businesses can get up and running much faster after a disaster, or even continue operations as if nothing happened. Myriad Information Technology Solutions has Cybersecurity Harvard Certification – don’t be ill prepared, contact us to help you start a solid IT disaster recovery plan today!