Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

Since the pandemic began two years ago there has been a spike of employees working from home, which has had it’s challenges. If you are working home and have small children to look after while trying to be productive, this can be an extremely difficult task. If you are at home alone with pet’s, it also may be a challenge as your pet can disrupt your focus while seeking attention – especially if you have a dog! Here’s a few pointers from a seasoned work at home IT professional:

  1. Get up from your chair once an hour and pay some attention to your children or pet(s).
  2. If you find your phone time has increased consider switching to a handsfree device to avoid neck pain.
  3. Be cognizant of proper posture while sitting for long periods, set a timer to stand up and stretch between tasks.
  4. Practice mindfulness, if you are deep in a task it is easy to get frustrated or cross with your children or pet(s) when you get interrupted.
  5. Find time for you and your family: schedule your break time to go for a walk with your dog or take your kids to a park if weather permits.
  6. Practice self-care and take advantage of the convenience of home, take a nap during your breaktime. You’d be surprised how that may invigorate your mental state.
  7. If you have this flexibility, find the right schedule for you. Maybe your prime thinking time is in the morning when you can schedule difficult tasks, if you think faster on your feet or have less distractions in the evening save work for then.
  8. Don’t undervalue sleep and nutrition, make sure you eat and drink properly and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

These tips will help you balance your work/home-life and ensure you are just as productive as when you were physically at the office. Myriad ITS can assist you with all of your remote office needs that benefit both you and your employees, from workstation set-up, security, trouble shooting, to tech accessories and equipment. Contact us today!