Software development can take many forms and target any device. Web Design is a form of software development as is mobile applications, desktop, and special devices. Embedded development involves writing software to control devices such as routers, ladder logic in sewage and waste water management and more. Software code is generally developed by humans and subject to errors, this is why updates to operating systems, phones, and other devices occur frequently to apply bug fixes that people put into code as well as security vulnerabilities. There are tools available to aid in software development and many programming languages available, C#, C++, Python, PHP, HTML, .NET and more.

Usually when developing code, an IDE or Integrated Development Environment is used. One popular IDE is Visual Studio. Visual Studio targets many devices and has a good testing package to aid in eliminating bugs. Sometimes off the shelf software won’t be able to handle the specific requirements of a business. That’s when a decision has to be made: write your own, or live without a piece of software to handle that area of your business. In order to ensure a software development project is successful, it’s important to have a plan. The best plan is gathering specifications from the client, developing the scope of the project, flow charts, database dictionaries, mockups and functional documentation before any code is written. This ensures the project will have a reasonable chance of being completed on time and under budget.

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