Storage Area Networks (SAN) is a network-based file storage system. If you have a lot of files, video, sound or large databases, a SAN can be an invaluable device as a SAN contains many more disk drives than a regular small external storage device or disk space on a server. SANs are faster and can be accessed by more than one computer or server and by any operating system like Windows, MACOS or Linux. SANS also have data redundancy capabilities so, for example, if a disk fails, the SAN will continue to operate and you can simply remove the bad disk, insert a new one and the disk will rebuild itself.
Some devices offer Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) which is an assortment of hard drives connected and set up in ways to help protect or speed up the performance of a computer’s disk storage. RAID protects information by storing the same data twice on multiple hard disks so that if one part of the system fails, no data is lost. Data is obviously very important for business; all successful companies rely on some form of data to conduct business and make decisions. Contact Myriad Information Technology Solutions today to learn more about how we can assist you with your data storage needs.