Have you Thought of All Your Technology Needs When Starting a New Business?


So you’ve started a new business. You’ve consulted with lawyers and tax experts, rented, or leased an office, purchased furniture, and office supplies. Now you need to figure out what technology you require to optimize your business growth and success. Here are some guidelines you can follow to achieve a successful technology rollout for your […]

Website Search Optimization and How it can Draw More Customers to Your Business


Learning how to optimise your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to its success as it will make certain that your website is working as hard as it should. If your SEO is good, you will be able to attract more traffic and convert more potential consumers. And because a conversion-optimized website often […]

How a CRM System Can Help Your Business


A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a system which tracks your communications with your clients. It comes in many flavours such as Marketing, Sales, and Service Management. It can be used to mass email your clients about upcoming products and track any responses, create newsletters, and manage service calls. This kind of system […]

Why Installing Updates and Patching Your Systems is Important


Every day new security vulnerabilities, software bugs and enhancements occur in software. Software such as operating systems for Windows Servers, Windows desktops and laptops, smartphones and applications are discovered and corrected by software vendors. Some of these vendors update devices automatically or in some cases alert you that an update is available. There are many […]

Social Media Impacts on Productivity for Businesses


Every day billions of people around the world check their phones and computers to look at social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the like. Employees at the office probably check their phones all the time for new posts, likes, and comments. It’s a productivity problem as it’s estimated that businesses lose 30% […]

Securing SCADA Systems from Hacking


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a technology used to control sewage, drainage, and water systems. These systems are vital to ensure the delivery and monitoring of reservoirs drainage of wastewater and sewage. As well, these SCADA systems are used to monitor and control nuclear power plants, the electrical grid, HVAC systems, and more. […]

Preparing for a Cyberattack/War


With the ongoing Russia–Ukraine war, a spike in cyberattacks around the world have been observed. Experts predict that ransomware type attacks will increase as the war intensifies when financial sanctions levied against Russia begins to bite. Businesses need to stay a couple of steps ahead and guard themselves and their customers against cyberattacks. At Myriad […]

Outsourcing IT from a business perspective


Back in the day, depending on the size of the organization, having an on-site full-time employee to handle technology issues was convenient especially during the early adoption of PC, server, and networks. Now the employment market is saturated with IT techs who are either university-college trained, or self-taught IT professionals who learned most of what […]

Software Development


Software development can take many forms and target any device. Web Design is a form of software development as is mobile applications, desktop, and special devices. Embedded development involves writing software to control devices such as routers, ladder logic in sewage and waste water management and more. Software code is generally developed by humans and […]

How to ensure a successful data migration


Data migration is a complex process and requires careful planning. Involve all relevant staff to make sure they understand what is going on and what might change once completed. Use an experienced partnerA successful data migration project can revolutionize your business operations. But, cutting corners and not utilizing an experienced partner can cost your business […]