More and more businesses are converting to a modern telecommunications technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP allows the transmission of voice signals across IP-based network such as LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi. VoIP works by taking analog voice signals from a regular handset, converting them into digital bits, and transmitting the digitized information as packets over a network. I know, sounds complicating but for the end user it is a very simple, secure, and powerful communications tool.

There are many benefits of switching to VoIP phones, one being to save on communications costs as a VoIP system is much more cost efficient than using a landline phone system. For one, the call rates are lower as the VoIP providers bundle unlimited local calls and heavily discount international minutes in subscriptions. VoIP system installations and maintenance also cost less than wired alternatives, plus providers have a huge selection of VoIP-enabled handsets offered at a great price while also taking care of the phones technical backend. One of the main benefits for VoIP is that it is so versatile that it can streamline your entire communications infrastructure since VoIP is a lot more than just a voice call technology. VoIP providers offer more solutions such as instant messaging, SIP support, emailing, call management and a host of automation features that you won’t find on other phone systems, such as advanced call transfer and forwarding, intelligent call answering, auto assistance, call monitoring and logging, hot desking, conference bridge and more.

Did you know that Myriad Information Technology Solutions offers a VoIP enterprise phone system? Our system is full of modern features such as 3 digit extension dialing, call recording, reporting, and advanced business telecom applications like transcription, voice analytics with a contact center integrated tightly with Teams Mobile and Auto Attendants. This system offer’s 100’s of Phones to choose from – and the best thing is you have complete control of your phone system from any modern browser and/or phone app. Check out our Myriad Telecom website for more information on the most value priced and fully featured phone solution in Canada.