Two-Factor Authentication Strengthens Security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature that adds an additional layer of protection from cybercriminals. As the name suggests, 2FA requires an extra step, “a second factor” to log onto a site or access an online account. The first part of 2FA is your password, and the second part of 2FA is usually a pin/verification code or a biometric (fingerprint, face, voice or retina). The pin number is different every time when utilizing a 2FA app which means thieves will struggle to access your personal information. If you add a 2FA to your bank account for example, a cybercriminal who knows your password won’t be able to access the account without having your phone when it receives the verification code. Google Authenticator is an example of such an app. A hacker may get your password, but 2FA will stop access because the hacker doesn’t know the seed key that was generated at the time 2FA is enabled.

As you can see 2FA’s are valuable at keeping your information safe and highly recommended whenever possible, however, unfortunately they are not 100% secure either. There is still the possibility that a hacker can get past 2FA’s by phishing emails, account recovery processes, and malware. That is why it is so important to have cybersecurity professionals add several layers of protection for your business. Myriad Information Technology Solutions takes cybersecurity seriously and has obtained Harvard Cybersecurity Certificate to ensure our clients are well protected. Contact Myriad Information Technology Solutions to discuss how two factor authentication and other cybersecurity measures can be implemented for your business needs.