VPN and how it can help your business

VPN or Virtual Private Networking has been around since the beginning of the public internet. Essentially, VPN is a tunnel to your private corporate network utilizing the public internet network. Think of it as a pipe, inside a pipe, the VPN is a highly secure tunnel. This technology is especially useful for workers who are working remotely and need access to corporate network resources located at the corporate office. This includes network file shares, printers and other devices that are located behind the corporate firewall. This technology has become crucial during the pandemic.

In the past, a network cable was but into a conduit to connect building’s close together, or expensive microwave radio technology to beam data to buildings located further than a wire can. Now VPN is also useful to link two or more offices together to share the same corporate network. This is commonly called Site-to-Site VPN and uses the internet connection at each office to link inside networks.

Myriad Information Technology Solutions has extensive experience deploying VPN solutions. Contact us to find out if VPN technology can lower costs and help your remote workers stay connected and productive when they need to work from home.