Why Choose Myriad As Your Managed Service Provider?

When Myriad Information Technology Solutions first started in 2004, we set out to be the most customer-centric IT firm in the Fraser Valley. Whenever presented with tough technical problems we were up for the challenge, our motto was “how hard can it be?”. We treat all of our clients with the same service and response time no matter the size of their company or status in the community. We care about how our business impacts the world around us and donate to a variety of charities as we believe strongly in supporting and giving back to our local community. We deliver personalized professional IT services with friendliness and enthusiasm, providing our clients with reasonable rates and offering solutions that can save businesses and non-profits money!

Myriad Information Technology Solutions has been in business for 18 years and collectively our firm has 60+ years of IT experience in the business. We are a small but growing company that delivers big results! We have a core group of committed IT professionals with a variety of specializations who believe in hard work and value attention to detail. When you outsource your IT support to Myriad you are not just getting one IT support you have an entire team! We believe in staying on top of rapidly evolving technology with ongoing career development studies and certifications. For example, we recently achieved Harvard Cybersecurity Certification! We provide on-site and remote IT support, cybersecurity, network & infrastructure services, software & application development, disaster recovery, privacy and legal compliance, cloud and managed software, systems administration, telecommunications, digital marketing and more. Our tech firm delivers a myriad of technical solutions no matter what the problem may be.

Technology is not slowing down but continues to fully integrate into every aspect of our lives and businesses, at times we can understand that even tech savvy companies can find it overwhelming to keep up. That is why it is so important for continued success to obtain guidance and advice from a team of knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals to ensure your business doesn’t lose out in this tech age. Why not give Myriad ITS a call and we can help you find solutions to technical challenges you may have or help your company realize untapped areas for growth. Currently Myriad ITS offers IT support to the whole Fraser Valley and our headquarters is located in Chilliwack, however we are planning on opening another office in Abbotsford/Langley area as well.

Get top-notch support and share your feedback on google reviews to help us grow! We believe strongly in the power of referrals. In fact, the majority of our work comes from satisfied clients endorsing our products and services. Please feel free to browse through our client testimonials and have a look at what these companies and non-profits have to say about us.