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Why Choose Myriad?

A Team of IT Professionals

Having one IT professional in-house doesn’t compare to having a whole team of dedicated professionals with a myriad of experience and specialties who are committed to meeting your needs. Instead of exposing your business when your in-house IT staff are off sick or on holiday, the Myriad team is ready to help anytime and anywhere you need them.

Data Security is Serious Business

Myriad provides continual monitoring to protect your business from viruses and threats so that your business continues free of disruption and avoids disaster. We know our clients want to keep their data safe and with increasing cyber-attack trends we went the extra mile and achieved Harvard Cybersecurity Certification to ensure our clients are equipped with the highest level of intelligent protection available to them.

Bottom Line Cost Savings

Don’t lose time and money on tech failures, Myriad’s dedicated team will help calm your tech anxieties by taking care of all your tech needs. As tech specialists we can anticipate your needs to ensure safety nets are in place and all the tools you require are readily available. Partner with Myriad to eliminate tech downtime so your business can remain productive and for a fraction of the cost of even one in-house IT. In addition, as a trusted Managed Service Provider we are partnered with multiple vendors to provide better access to affordable tech gear. We provide enhanced warranty options and take care of your upgrade needs at a convenient time for your business.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Technology is not slowing down but continues to fully integrate into every aspect of our lives and businesses. At times we can understand that even tech savvy companies can find it overwhelming to keep up in this tech age, that is why it is so important to obtain guidance and advice from a team of knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals. Myriad can connect you with forward thinking innovative solutions to technical challenges and further your company’s potential in realizing untapped areas for growth.

Client Values

We Value Our Clients

When Myriad Information Technology Solutions first started in 2004, we set out to be the most customer-centric IT firm in the Lower Mainland. We treat all our clients with the same excellent service and response time no matter the size of company or status in the community. Our goal is to make life easier for our clients in their daily work activities, caring not only about our clients’ systems but also about them and their business success.

Green + Community

We actively seek out new innovative and economic solutions to lower our footprint on the environment and have developed, tested, and implemented technology for our client’s benefit and utilization. We care about how our business impacts the world around us and donate to a variety of charities as we believe strongly in supporting and giving back to our local community.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

We deliver personalized professional IT services with friendliness and enthusiasm, providing our clients with reasonable rates and offering solutions that can save businesses and non-profits money. We believe strongly in the power of referrals, in fact, the majority of our work comes from satisfied clients endorsing our products and services. Check out our testimonial page!

We Care about our Clients and our Staff
The Myriad Team is always happy to help!



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