Why Your Business Needs IT Support

IT support is one of the many considerations to run a successful business effectively and efficiently. As a business or non-profit, it’s important to have IT support in place so that you can focus on your core business activities and ensure security and service for you and your clients. Myriad Information Technology Solutions offer highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable advice and support. We possess the technical knowledge and skills to assist your company appropriately, whether it’s an email server that won’t send or receive messages, a computer that is running slowly, or even just a printer that isn’t working properly – our team has seen it all and knows exactly how to fix technical issues or can offer new solutions quickly and efficiently. With our managed support services, there’s nothing too big or small for us to handle!

There are many reasons you should seek an IT support provider for your business. One of the most important aspects is to secure your website, network or online systems from cybercrime or fraud. Installing malware detection software is no longer sufficient to protect businesses from hackers, data breaches or online fraud. Only qualified security experts will be able to provide you with the security, back-up and support needed in order to protect both your business and clients. Did you know Myriad Information Technology Solutions offers technical support with Cybersecurity Harvard Certification to protect you from Cyber-attacks!

IT is an integral part of most business’s daily functions, you will need support and maintenance on your systems, networks and cloud services. Complicated and interconnected phone systems also form part of the skills possessed by IT professionals. Did you know that Myriad Information Technology Solutions offers a VoIP enterprise phone system? Our system is full of modern features such as 3 digit extension dialing, call recording, reporting, and advanced business telecom applications like transcription, voice analytics with a contact center integrated tightly with Teams Mobile and Auto Attendants. Switching to VoIP can also save your business money! A VoIP system is much more cost efficient than using a landline phone system. For one, the call rates are lower as the VoIP providers bundle unlimited local calls and heavily discount international minutes in subscriptions. VoIP system installations and maintenance also cost less than wired alternatives, plus providers have a huge selection of VoIP-enabled handsets offered at a great price while also taking care of the phones technical backend. Contact us today, or check out our Myriad Telecom website for more information on the most value priced and fully featured phone solution in Canada.

Before you think of hiring permanent staff to head up an IT department, consider outsourcing this work to a managed service provider like Myriad Information Technology Solutions. It is a great way to save on costs and acquire the support you need. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and non-profits that have a very limited budget. From a budget perspective, one of the clear benefits of managed services is that it lowers labor costs and eliminates the extensive time and cost of hiring and training new IT staff. One of the key advantages of the managed services model is that it enables you to hire an entire team of IT professionals at a flat monthly rate or even case by case monthly invoicing. Best of all, you sign a service-level agreement that’s tailored to your organization’s unique needs, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected service costs. These specialists include technical, functional, architectural, design and training consultants who can help you keep your systems up and running, as well as unlock their full potential.

Hiring or outsourcing IT professionals allows you to take care of the activities and responsibilities that exist for you to be successful in growing your business. Focusing on the core activities of your business means that you’re not wasting valuable time and money on technical aspects you cannot manage alone. Contact Myriad Information Technology Solutions to find the best solutions for your business.